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The Internet of Things

The Internet of Things isn’t a technology revolution …IoT is a business revolution, enabled by technology.

ComputerLand of Silicon Valley is simplifying and solving problems by providing purpose-built solutions, intelligent data, and automating systems enabling you to increase overall efficiency and productivity for your organization. Our goal is to simplify the concept of IoT and provide end-to-end configurations that can be ready for immediate deployment and implementation.

Developed with Your Business in Mind
ComputerLand is here to serve as the general contractor for your IoT strategy. Through smart solutions, we can provide intelligent cloud offerings, allowing you to focus on growing your existing business. We are here to serve as a trusted advisor to ensure a seamless integration with your existing infrastructure. The Following are the core components of any IoT strategy:

Public Cloud + Basic IP
Data Analytics
Advanced ISV Applications

Smart Solutions Solving Real World Problems
In today’s environment, you are looking for a trusted advisor and consultant to help solve problems. ComputerLand can access IoT solutions based on actual opportunities seen in different industries. Below is the short list of our expanding vertical focus:

Elevate Your Capabilities

ComputerLand understands the investment demands when adding a new solution. Consider us an extension of your IT strategy- a complete solution partner – that will meet your increasing requirements by providing solutions to facilitate greater connectivity and streamline the flow of information across your organization.

The Benefits of a ComputerLand IoT Partnership

ComputerLand of Silicon Valley provides full digital transformation through Applications, Hardware and Services to future-proof your organization. We partner with you to architect and implement a strategy to handle IoT device management. We partner to provide ecosystems architecture; we are not just a solutions provider. Full integration from WiFi to replacing legacy systems and all security points in between.

Billions of devices are being connected to each other and information needs to stay secure, making companies extremely vulnerable to even more security threats, in addition to the issue of privacy and data sharing.

IoT will add $10=$15 trillion to global GDP in next 20 years.

What will your enterprise require to maintain a network that’s capable of processing data collected from possibly millions of sensors and devices? In order to stay in front of these growing requirements, a holistic approach to managing your infrastructure is a top priority.

Our IoT top-tier partnerships with industry leaders enable us to accelerate, overcome capability gaps and feature gaps with our solutions and reduce time-to-market by leveraging existing resources and relationships. Additionally, they provide key advantages – speed, capabilities, resources, and credibility.

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